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For us, it’s about more than just delivering good training heads. As a family business, we also take our social and societal responsibilities seriously. Fair, respectful and appreciative collaboration is the basis of all of our work.



“Does this hair come from dead people?", "Are you exploiting Indians?", "Do the donors even get money for the hair?". These are just a few of the most frequent questions we’re asked about the hair on L'IMAGE heads. 

The greater amount of L'IMAGE hair comes from an Indian temple. The Tirumala Tirupati is an important Hindu temple complex in South India that attracts millions of pilgrims each year. For the pilgrims, shaving themselves bald is a religious ritual. By offering their hair, they give thanks for a wish fulfilled or make a vow. 

The collected raw hair is bought by authorized dealers at official auctions. The proceeds go towards the maintenance of the temple and paying employees and also finance charitable projects and schools

Our European human hair comes from Eastern European countries, for the most part. In this case, the hair is cut and collected mainly in hairdressing salons. Women who have at least 30 cm long, undyed hair also sell their hair there.


Our production facilities in China and Bangladesh are regularly audited by an independent body in accordance with strict international ethical guidelines. This encompasses ethical, ecological, and sustainability requirements.

Fair working conditions and just pay are the cornerstones of decent employment in these factories. There are also baseline requirements for work safety and a clean environment. For us, child labor, forced labor or commercial prison labor is untenable.

A working person stitches human hair into a training head.


Retired training heads are donated to social projects at home and abroad. We proudly partner with Schwarzkopf Shaping Futures, ProKapsogo e.V. and the Concordia Foundation. These aid organizations support young people, meaning we’re investing in the training for and the promotion of the craft. 

Schwarzkopf Shaping Futures coaches disadvantaged young adults in hairdressing so they can become self-sufficient and change the course of their lives. After partnering with SOS Children's Villages, Shaping Futures evolved into a global initiative that has helped over 2,600 young adults in 33 countries on their way to a better future.

ProKapsogo e.V. is a purely private initiative from our neighboring city of Augsburg. Its aim is to support one of the poorest regions of Kenya with the construction of vocational schools. 

CONCORDIA Romania supports children, youth, and families in poor regions of Bucharest with material donations. 

In addition, we gladly donate disused heads to surrounding kindergartens and households, where they’re received with great enthusiasm and immediately used for playing and make-up practice.

One of our producers has even developed its own inclusion project. YINGFEI MANNEQUINS is personally and financially committed to assisting people with disabilities. It also provides heads for dementia patients. Elderly dementia sufferers recall braiding their own children’s hair this way, which helps in slowing down dementia.


L'IMAGE also promotes hairdressing trainees nationally. L'IMAGE is a proud supporter of the NEW TALENTS competitions within the framework of the German championship. We are the exclusive sponsor for competition heads for the participants, thus actively promoting the next generation of hairdressers. L'IMAGE heads win the gold medal twice.


In all likelihood, the devastation of the hundred-year flood in the Ahr River valley is still fresh in everyone’s mind. The cost of damages was in the millions. That same year, CEO Adina Alt donated the amount earmarked for customer Christmas gifts to an organization that helps affected hairdressers rebuild.