Two hands hold a strand of hair, the right hand directly on the ends of the dark blond hair


Immerse yourself in this fascinating process where imagination and creativity meet hand-crafted workmanship

Making a training head is a little like cultivating an appreciative customer. Your training medium always has time, doesn't need a break, and is satisfied with all aspects of your work. With skilled hands and an eye for detail, we’ll take you on a trip behind the scenes.

Already knew?

Our high-quality training media are available in all the variations imaginable: long and short hair, curly or straight, in colors blonde, brown, gray or white, and even with a full beard. For our training heads, we work with hair in the widest range of qualities to suit the customer’s needs. The fun of the work and, to an equal extent, the success of our customers depends on the perfect hair that is above all appropriate for the occasion.


The different faces are developed in-house and in close consultation with clients and hairdressers to reflect current beauty ideals. In this process, we determine the shape of the face, the nose, skin color and make-up.


A wax model of the face is made in China based on photographs. The prototype then goes through several corrective processes until it’s perfect. Then it is used to make a metal master mold. This process is quite expensive and can take up to a year.


The donated hair is immersed in acidic chlorine solution, which removes part or all of the cuticle. The hair is thinned until it is the thickness of European hair.

Vertical hair bundles in different color depths: brown, dark blond, medium blond, light blond and white.


The depth of the color is specified using a color chart. The hair is lightened to the desired color depth. Dyeing it blonde destroys a lot of the hair. Due to the high amount of loss, blonde heads are more expensive. In general: the lighter, the pricier!

Vertical braids in different color depths: brown, dark blonde, medium blonde, light blonde and white.


The hair is first hackled and combed. Then the hair is sorted by length and bundled. Each stitch is used to implant two to three hairs by hand into the PVC skin. Each head may take up to two days to complete. Finally, the head is turned inside out and the hair glued.

Color up

The head is foamed up to its desired volume using PU foam and closed with a plug. Finally, the face is colored using an airbrush. This involves painting on eyebrows, the iris with pupil, and lip color. The new head is given the finishing touch of glued-on eyelashes.