CEO Adina Alt cares deeply about the environmental footprint of L'IMAGE: "For us, responsibility means making our company more sustainable in both large and small ways, reducing the impact of our activities on the environment even further." We therefore continuously try to optimize office space, shipping routes, import and export processes, and packaging in line with environmentally friendly factors. To this end, we have already implemented extensive green measures and we aren’t resting on our laurels. Instead, we keep working on ourselves and our resources.

Act responsibly, stay future-oriented

In cooperation with the FOM University Augsburg, L'IMAGE participated in a research project spearheaded by two women students. This made us even more aware of the necessity of the topic. As a company, we exert enormous influence on future consumption and thus also on shaping personal decisions. The project yielded some new ideas we will tackle.

We bear responsibility


One of our suppliers has developed a revolutionary method: ultrasonic hair-washing! This breakthrough technology allows us to drastically reduce the use of harmful chemicals while saving vast amounts of precious water. This reduces our previous water consumption by 50%

Meanwhile, producers are using the next gamechanger in environmental protection: biofuel combustion. This pioneering device significantly contributes to reducing pollutant emissions. By relying on environmentally friendly biofuels, we minimize the negative impact of production processes on air quality.

Large, tiled and brightly lit room, two packing tables with different packing material, to the left there are cardboard boxes on a Euro pallet, in the middle a person with a pallet trolley and two cardboard boxes on it, the person can only be recognized v


Since 2019, we've been setting a positive example by packaging our heads in recyclable bags instead of traditional plastic. We thus changed our entire packaging concept to be more environmentally friendly and switched over to recyclable materials. "Even if it means increased costs for us – we are happy to do it for the environment," explains CEO Adina Alt. The new bags are made of polypropylene, which is easier to recycle than other types of plastic: Polypropylene contains fewer additives like dioxins, which can leach into groundwater at the landfill. Correctly disposed of in the recycling chain (in Germany, put in the yellow recycling bin or yellow bag), polypropylene can be filtered out of plastic waste in an almost pure form and reused to manufacture products such as flower pots.

And when shipping the heads to customers, L'IMAGE makes sure to bundle shipments and send as few packages as possible, especially abroad. 

Starting now, we will have 24 or 25 heads packed in China for shipment, instead of the previous 20 heads per carton. This means we save significantly on cardboard boxes. Furthermore, we avoid using air freight as much as possible. "We want to lead by example and show that packaging can be made more environmentally friendly and reduced overall if you simply take initiative."


We purchase green power from a local supplier that produces energy through hydropower from regional facilities. 

That said, all our office workers still dutifully disconnect electronic equipment at the end of the workday. During the day, energy-saving light elements that automatically adjust to daylight help reduce our power consumption. 

We pay attention to energy efficiency in our high-bay warehouse, too: The shipping area is separated from the actual warehouse by electric sliding doors, meaning we save energy by not heating the entire warehouse.

Spacious, brightly lit office, with two side-by-side desks, office chairs, and two monitors per workstation; in the lot is a large white, half-height cabinet with handle
Two female persons in bright office, one person in background sitting at desk, the other in foreground standing at desk and looking at screen, both wearing bright tops and have brown hair


Our employees can work flexibly from home on laptops. In this way we save emissions that would be generated by the office commute.

As part of our digitization and sustainability strategy, we also aim to go paperless as far as possible. This includes placing a QR code on the head itself. By scanning the code with any cell phone, you can access an overview of helpful care tips for the use of training heads. This allows us to do without paper care manuals.