We are constantly developing our range. In this way, we meet the wishes of our customers, in close cooperation with schools and the industry. Immerse yourself in our product line!

New L'IMAGE care product available



For successful styling with hot tools, such as blow dryers, straighteners or curling irons, the practice head needs the right protection. With our L'IMAGE heat protection spray, the implanted hair of our L'IMAGE heads is permanently and optimally protected against high temperatures. The ThermaGuardian is of course pH neutral and the optimal complement to all care products that do not contain heat protection. The heat protection spray is especially developed for training heads.

We hope you enjoy trying out your new care product!

The blonde wonder among the training heads



The blondes at L'IMAGE with platinum blond hair are getting reinforcements. With her 40cm long Indian real hair, Verena closes the gap between Claudia and Perrine. The new training head is the only one with this hair length among the blondes at the Bavarian company and offers a unique option for hairdressers. With a hair mass of 146g, 
Verena has the most hair of this type of training head and the abundance of hair allows the creation of authentic updos.

Verena impresses with a variety of possibilities: her long hair and the bright starting point make her ideal for practicing haircuts and hairstyles, as well as balayage, freehand and other coloring techniques. The hair stitched from the crown creates a natural fall, which makes pony hairstyles and water waves possible.

L'IMAGE enjoys a close collaboration with schools and industry. The big customer request was an affordable blond head. This request was met with Verena. The price of €84.90 (plus VAT) for blond hair and this hair length speaks for itself and is an inexpensive option for training purposes.

Verena captivates with a pretty face, which is also ideal for make-up. The authentic facial features with attractive nude make-up and eyelashes, complete the beautiful look of the new training head.

The training head Verena is a valuable addition to any hairdressing training course and a must have for any trainee who is looking for a high-quality and inexpensive training head. Verena (item number 1403W) is available immediately and can be ordered in the online shop at, by phone at +49 821 4559700, via WhatsApp at +49 178 6840260 or via e-mail at

New set available in the store


Our ever-popular Care Set gets a sibling: The Protection Set! Together with the shampoo and conditioner specially developed for training heads, you still get the wonder weapon Coloris. The L'IMAGE care is adapted to the implanted hair and thus pH-neutral. The three bottles each contain 100ml, perfect for hand luggage on the plane. Of course, all items are also available individually and in different sizes. We wish you a lot of fun with your new care products!

New payment method


Everyone knows it, you shop and shop and ... suddenly do not have your bills more view. That's over now! From now on: Shop now and pay later. L'IMAGE offers Klarna, one of the world's leading payment providers. Klarna enables our customers to quickly, easily and securely settle outstanding payments immediately, later or in installments. Become one of the 150 million active Klarna customers! Klarna payment does not cost you a penny, is secure and, above all, easy. Moreover, you pay for the goods only when you really want to receive and keep them. We are looking forward to your order!

Corinna and Amalia are the "new ones" from L'IMAGE

Perfect all-rounders: Corinna and Amalia are the "new ones" from L'IMAGE

Neusäß, 20.10.2021 –With Corinna and Amalia, L'IMAGE launches two new training heads who convince with their versatility: Their relatively long hair and the dark base make them ideal for practicing cuts and styles, as well as balayage, freehand and coloring techniques. This makes Corinna and Amalia perfect all-rounders.

Corinna and Amalia have a few things in common: Both have Indian human hair, which is stitched from cowlick and can therefore be processed in a particularly natural realistic way. The hair is dark blond and has a color depth of 6. Corinna's hair is 40 cm long. So Julia gets reinforcement - so far the only L'IMAGE training head with this hair length and extremely popular with customers. Amalia even adds 10 cm: Her hair is 50 cm long. Their pretty faces are also ideal for makeup. What both heads have in common is that L'IMAGE developed them together with the industry. The launch was preceded by extensive testing of hair length and color. This makes Amalia in particular ideal for the trendy balayage coloration, which comes to fruition with her hair length of 50 cm. She will be used by the industry in seminars for this special technique from winter 2021.

New high-end head Gigi from L'IMAGE

A social media star is born: new high-end head Gigi from L'IMAGE.

Neusäß, 01.07.2021 - L'IMAGE is launching a new competition head especially for bloggers and influencers: with Gigi, there are no limits to creativity when it comes to hairstyles and makeup. This should also have a noticeable effect on the number of likes and followers.

Gigi (SKU 2605) has everything that bloggers and influencers want for unique posts and tutorials: The head has high-quality European human hair, which guarantees extra volume at 260 grams. That is once again significantly more than the previous favorite of bloggers, the head Louisa (185 grams). Gigi's light blonde hair has the color depth 9 and is about 60 cm long. This makes it perfect for classic, modern as well as creative stylings. The typical LIMAGE face has also received a makeover with the blue eyes and the new lip color. This new look provides an ideal base for creative makeup. The high-end features make Gigi an absolute must-have for beauty and hair influencers or bloggers.

L’IMAGE brings new products to the market

Denise and Sonja

Neusäß, February 10th, 2021 - L’IMAGE brings in February 2021 with Denise, a new launched champion head, and with Sonja, a revised training head, new products to the market. In addition, the extremely inexpensive new training head Regina was designed for hairdressers and trainees, to help them in the current difficult situation.

With Denise (article number 2703), L’IMAGE fulfills the wish of many Instagram influencers, with whom the company has been working for a long time: What was needed was a head with yet longer, blond hair than Louisa - the blogger's favorite - has. With the new competition head Denise, this wish is now coming true: Denise has, like every other blond head from L’IMAGE, high-quality European human hair. It is light blonde with color depth 9 and 70 cm long - and thus another 10 cm longer than Louisa’s. That is the reason why the updos and braided hairstyles are particularly effective with Denise. The competition head Denise has a good matching hair color for her pretty European face that is also ideal for make-up. Another advantage is her almost lifelike size. All of these are the best requirements that Denise fulfills to become an influencer´s new favorite.

The training head Sonja (article number 1307W) is now on the market in a new edition and thus fulfills the customer's request for training heads with dark hair for dye and cutting seminars. The new Sonja has Indian human hair in dark brown with color depth 4 and a length of 35 cm.

First mixed hair head in the L'IMAGE range

Competition head Milena

New in the L'IMAGE range from November is the competition head Milena, which consists of 50 percent indian human hair and 50 percent protein hair. The advantage of this mixed hair is that it behaves almost like human hair and has the same grip. In this way, the valuable raw material human hair can be preserved. In addition, the protein hair consists of algae concentrate and is therefore much more environmentally friendly than plastic or fiber hair.

Milena's hair colour is an extra light blonde with a colour depth of 10, so it is almost white. The hand implanted hair has 5-6 hairs per stitch, the hair length is approx. 60 cm, the total hair mass is 190 g. The doll head is suitable for cutting and dyeing techniques such as pastel colourings, clay rinses and direct colours and is predestined for filigree updo hairstyles thanks to the portein hair content. Like all other L'IMAGE competiton heads, Milena can be used for national and international competitions.

Revival: The new AKO training head at L'IMAGE

Neusäß, 5.November 2019 - It was sold out for a long time, now L'IMAGE is reviving the 70s classic AKO with the new training head Akonia.

Every hairdresser who has been in the business for a while knows it, has used it in training and probably practised the first water wave or six curls on it: The AKO training head was a true classic in the 70s. Its striking face, hand-stitched European natural hair and perfect dimensions made it an absolute favourite. Even today you can still find one or the other old AKO in guilds, vocational schools and private schools. The AKO was no longer available for a long time. L'IMAGE is now changing this and in November 2019 will be launching Akonia, a very high-quality reinterpretation of the classic on the market.

This training head with the article number 1200E has handimplanted European hair as well as its model and has 7-9 hairs per stitch or in the contour even 15-17 hairs per stitch, which underlines the quality of this doll head once again. The hair has a length of approx. 20 cm and a total hair mass of approx. 170 g. The hair colour is natural, that means it can vary.